CAPI App: Add multiple interviewer profiles in the same device

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

The IdSurvey App allows you to collect data without the need of an internet connection.

IdSurvey for mobile devices is also extremely easy to use.

You can add multiple CAPI interviewers profiles in the same device, in order for them to work with the same device in different moments.

Step 1

Proceed as it was the first time you downloaded the survey on the device: open the app and touch “New work” or, if not displayed, the “+” button on top right.

Step 2

Write the URL of the Admin interface and the number of the questionnaire provided by the supervisor, then touch the “Create work” button.

Enter the username and password provided by the supervisor, then touch the “Enter” button.

Now, when entering the survey, each interviewer will have to select his own profile from the ones in the list in order to start working.


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