IdSurvey 6: alternative texts according to previous answers


Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

Sometimes you may require to display alternative texts according to previous answers that you selected. In version 6 the easiest solution is to use the “Update contact field” function.

PLEASE NOTE: this solution is the best only if you have few questions with alternative texts.


Go on the gearwheel button of the answers that are conditioning the alternative texts and enable the “Update contact field” button. Select from the dropdown menu the field of the database where you want IdSurvey to save the text to display (for example, Field10). Write the text in the text area below the menu.

Now go to the textbox of the question that needs to have alternative texts according to previous answers and simply write between curly brackets the name of the field where you saved the alternative options. For example, {Field10}

Note: because the data is actually written in the field when the page is saved (a.k.a. when the user clicks on “Continue”), the question that contains the changing text needs to be on a different page than the one in which the field is updated.



In the following example the text of question Q2 changes sligthly according to the answer selected on question Q1:

“Have you ever been to an Apple Store?”

1 Yes /UQ “Field10=Do you think you’ll ever come back”
2 No /UQ “Field10=Do you think you’ll ever go”

{Field10} to an Apple Store?

1 Yes
2 No

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