Assign CAPI contacts to interviewers in Settings

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey you can complete CAPI interviews setting anonymous or authenticated distribution. In case of authenticated distribution you need to upload a contacts list from the Admin interface in “Contacts Management” page before starting with the survey.

It is possible to assign CAPI contacts to specific interviewers associated with the survey, so that each interviewer can only process a portion of the contacts according to the parameters previously set.

Step 1

Create an Excel file with your contacts list. You need to import the database of contacts as an Excel file. For more information on this action, please check out the article of the Knowledge Base related to the import of a contacts list.

In this file you can add all the information you need, creating as many fields as you want. In order to associate specific contacts to interviewers, it is mandatory to select a field where you can write the interviewer’s username that will be paired with the specific profiles (“CAPIinterviewer” field).

Step 2

Import the contacts file from the “Contacts Management” page following the instructions contained in the article “Importing a contacts list”.

The interviewers assigned to the survey can simply download the contacts with a synchronization of the CAPI app.


  • The CAPIinterviewer field is also visible inside the profile of the contacts in Contacts Management section.

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