Assign CAPI contacts to interviewers in Settings

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey you can complete CAPI interviews with anonymous or authenticated distribution. In case of authenticated distribution you need to upload a file of specific contacts into the Admin interface in “Contacts Management” before beginning the interview.

It is possible to assign CAPI contacts to interviewers associated with the survey, so that each of them can only process a portion of the contacts according to your preferred parameter.


Create an Excel file for contacts. You need to import the list of contacts as an Excel file. In IdSurvey 6, to create the file, you have to use columns headers compatible with the system (more on the article “Import a list of contacts“).
In this file you can insert all the information you need, but to associate specific contacts to interviewers that you insert, it’s mandatory to select a field where you can write down the Interviewer’s username that will be paired to that profile (usually we suggest to use the “Username” field).

CAPI contacts

Import the contacts file in Contacts Management (more on the article “Import a list of contacts“).

Now go on Settings and select the “CAPI” tab. Be sure that you disable the anonymous distribution on the top right of the tab.
Then select the field where you inserted the interviewer username from the dropdown menu under “Set Conditions” (in this example we selected the “username” field). Then click on Set Conditions. A blue flag should appear next to each interviewer profile. Save your editing to assign CAPI contacts to interviewers and finalize the procedure.

Each interviewer will now be associated to its portion of contacts. In this example, Int1 will display and interview only the first four contacts, Int2 from fifth to eighth and so on.


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