Built-in softphone

If IdTalk and IdSurvey 8.9.0 or later are used, CATI interviewers can use the built-in softphone of IdSurvey to make phone calls with no external software.
IdSurvey’s built-in softphone requires no configuration or settings on routers and firewalls.


  • Every time new interviewers profiles are created or imported, you need to run the “Synchronize with IdTalk” button found in the gear button of the Interviewers page.

To use the built-in softphone, the interviewer must activate the preference from their user menu.

Enable softphone

At this stage, you need to open the softphone by clicking on the appropriate “Open Softphone” button at the bottom right of the main page.
When prompted by the browser, give consent to use the microphone.

Softphone engine

The softphone pop-up window must be left open during the entire work session. However, all softphone controls are accessible at the bottom of the main IdSurvey window.

Softphone Controlli



Click the phone number of the contact proposed on the screen to make the call.
During the phone call, you can access the numeric keypad to type choices into any automated responders (IVRs).

Softphone tastierino numerico

The call is automatically terminated when the interviewer clicks any call or interview outcome. If you do not want to switch to the next contact immediately, you can click the red “hang up” button to close the call manually. This will allow you to select an outcome later and then move to the next contact.


Outbound with Predictive dialing

When accessing a survey with predictive dialing activated, the system will prompt you to click the button to open the softphone.
To pair with the predictive dialing system, you must answer the incoming call by clicking the green icon and clicking “Start working.”

Telephone connection

Throughout the work session, a telephone connection with the predictive dialing system will remain open. In this mode, the “hang up” button (or the selection of any outcome) closes the communication with the contact while keeping the call with the predictive dialing system open.