CAPI App: correct an answer

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

In any moment of the interview the interviewer can display and correct previous questions.


Touch the “Recap” button on top right and then “Questionnaire”.
Scroll down the window and select the page containing the answer you want to correct, then touch the “View” button.
IdSurvey will show the entire page with all the answers given up to that point. If you want to proceed and correct one or more answers, touch the “Edit” button on top right.
If the question is not the one you wanted to change – or you don’t have to change it – touch the “Close” button to go back to the previous window. Then choose another page or touch “Cancel” to carry on with the interview.
Now you can correct your answer(s) and proceed with the interview in the CAPI app.


By touching the “next” button, all questions following the edited one will be displayed again with answers already filled. This feature allows you to edit other answers, and it’s mandatory to guarantee a coherent collection of data on complex questionnaire too, those with a specific logic that changes according to different answers given or with multiple branching options.

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