CATI Appointments and delayed calls

IdSurvey allows management of various types of appointments, delayed calls, and related priority configuration. Appointments are available for both standard outbound calls and predictive dialing.

Delayed calls
After an unsuccessful call attempt, (with inconclusive outcomes, such as No Answer, Busy, Dropped Line, etc.), IdSurvey automatically schedules a delayed call.
For example, if the agent tries to contact a respondent and the line is busy, by selecting the outcome Busy, the contact will be redialed to the agents after 15 minutes. 
However, it is worth considering that the contact will be resubmitted following the priority, available agents and attempt limit. Therefore, the delay time should be understood as the minimum time. Following the previous example, the contact will not be resubmitted to interviewers for at least 15 minutes.
From the CATI settings page, a custom delay time can be set for each type of non-definitive outcome.

Call settings

The agent can schedule a telephone appointment to start or complete the interview at the agreed time and day. The appointment can be made at the beginning of the call or during the interview.
Simply click on the appointment outcome in the non-definitive outcomes button in the bottom bar of the agent interface.

Cati appointment

After selecting the appointment, the calendar pop-up window will be shown to complete the procedure.
After you click on the date, you need to select the time by clicking on one of the lines of the agenda. Each line is equivalent to 15 minutes. It is not possible to set the exact minutes outside of those proposed. 
To the left of each line there may be blue badges – showing the number of appointments set for that time – and red badges – showing the number of appointments reserved for the agent.
After clicking the line, for example, 10:00 a.m. on February 28, a pop-over with the appointment options will be shown. 
To confirm the appointment and move to the next name, simply click the Save button.

Operator cati appointment

Soft/Hard priority
You can choose the priority level of Soft or Hard appointment. Soft appointment should be understood as a “vague” appointment, for example if the respondent says “I am currently busy, please try again tomorrow afternoon after 3 pm.” 
The Hard appointment, on the other hand, should be understood as a day and time specified and agreed upon with the respondent, e.g., “Call me back the day after tomorrow at 10 a.m. to complete the interview.”
The type of priority impacts how the appointment will be managed by IdSurvey considering any other concurrent appointments. For example, if 10 agents are working in the call center, and a total of 15 appointments are present at 11:30 a.m., Hard priority appointments will be proposed first, and the remaining Soft appointment contacts will be gradually proposed when these are finished.
Priority also affects any delayed calls that follow the appointment date. For example, if the agent tries to call a Hard appointment contact at 2:00 p.m. but the line is busy busy, the contact will be called again after 2:15 p.m. (15 minutes is the default delay time), but still before other soft appointments or other delayed calls set for the same time.
Administrators can also filter contacts by appointment priority from the Contacts Management page to make bulk operations, such as changing the type or date of selected appointments.

Reserved appointment
If this option is not turned on, the relevant appointment will be proposed to the first free agent, regardless of which agent originally scheduled it. Conversely, if this option is turned on, the contact will be proposed to the same agent who scheduled the appointment.
The agent can view the list of reserved appointments by clicking the icon on the main bar of the CATI interface.
From the Contacts Management page, administrators can filter contacts with reserved appointments or appointments assigned to a specific agent to view or change the appointment, or assign them to another agent.

appointments menu

Operator appointments list

What telephone number?
From this drop-down menu, you can select one of the contacts’ phone numbers in the contact record. By default, the number used for the current call is displayed.

Do you want to add a note?
In this box you can enter a short text that will be displayed from the reserved appointments list and on the contact’s home screen.

Manage appointments and delayed calls from Contacts Management
As mentioned in the previous sections, administrators can perform multiple actions for editing appointments. All management tools can be found on the Contacts Management page.

Contacts with appointment

For each contact, the date and time is listed if an appointment or a delayed call is present. Dates in black represent appointments, dates in gray represent delayed calls. Any orange dot to the left of the date indicates that the event is reserved for a specific agent. Moving the mouse over the date displays a tooltip showing more details such as the last outcome, any notes, and the CATI agent (if the appointment is reserved).

Edit appointment (single contact)
By clicking on the Actions menu located to the right of each contact’s row, you can select “Edit Appointment” to edit, delete, or add an appointment. In the pop-up window you have to specify date, time and choose appointment options similar to what happens in the CATI agent interface, then click Save Changes to apply the new settings.

Manage appointments and delayed calls (on one or more contacts)
Once you have selected the desired contacts, click on the gear icon and choose the “Manage Appointments and Delayed Calls…” option.
From the pop-up window you can choose between Edit call date and Set appointment.
Edit call date allows you to specify a new date for existing callbacks. The changes will only affect contacts that already have an appointment or delayed call outcome, without affecting statistics, contact’s activity log, and number of attempts. The action is not applied to contacts that have never been contacted.
Set Appointment, on the other hand, adds a normal appointment outcome to selected contacts, allowing the priority, agent, and any notes to be set. This mode overwrites the last outcome and adds an attempt to the counter.

Manage appointments

Re-assign appointments (on one or more contacts)
This tool is particularly useful for reassigning the reserved appointments of an agent, such as one who is absent from work, to another agent so that appointments are not missed. It is also possible to reassign appointments to all agents, i.e., eliminate the “Reserved” mode of the appointment.

By using the filter box you can set various criteria to narrow the list of contacts. You can choose those that have a specific outcome, partial interview, hard, or soft appointments, and more. After narrowing the search, you can click “Select All” from the gear menu and proceed with mass editing of appointments, delayed calls, or agent reassignment.
To access the filter box click on the tab at the top bar to the list of contacts, then add the desired tags.