CATI interface: contacts are over

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

Sometimes the following error message is displayed when the interviewer enters the CATI interface: “Warning! Contacts to call with current settings are over. Edit filters or contact the administrator.”


Why is this error displayed?

These are the possible reasons why you get the error message:

Reason Solution
No contacts were uploaded in the “Contacts Management” section Go to the “Contacts Management” section and upload your contact list
All contacts have completed the interview or have a final outcome (refusal or incorrect number) Upload new contacts or stop the survey
Interviewers filters set in the “Interviewers” section describe a condition with no outcome Check filters in the interviewer(s) profile settings
Settings in “Contacts Options” (Settings -> TAB CATI) have no outcome Check filters set in “Call just some”
Time range set in “Calls in timeframe” (Settings -> TAB CATI -> Call settings) blocks the interviewer or it is not compatible with the contacts Verify server and contacts UTC
Available contacts are all out of quota Check the “Quotas Management” page or upload new contacts
All available contacts are waiting to be displayed again because of an outcome as “busy line”, “no answer”, “disconnected line” or “sent email” or they have an appointment scheduled for another time In order to put contacts back to circulation go to “Contacts Management” and use the “Manage calls” function of the gearwheel button to filter the list and change the call back time
All available contacts are blocked because they reached the maximum number of attempts Go to “Contacts Management” and filter the contacts for “Contact Status – Reached attempts” and then use the “Reset Attempts” function clicking on the gearwheel button
All available contacts have a reserved appointment with other interviewers

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