CATI interface: predictive dialing

Compatibilità:IdSurvey 8.0IdSurvey 22

Predictive dialing eliminates time spent searching for available contacts, doubling productivity. IdTalk will make the calls in the background and connect the respondents to the first interviewer available. The call detection filters out unsuccessful calls, ensuring only successful ones are transferred to interviewers.

Start working with predictive dialing

Log in to the CATI interface as an agent, open the built-in soft phone and leave the window in the background.

Answer the call by clicking on the green phone icon.

Predictive dialing association

At this point, the interviewers should hear a sound or music.
Once they hear it, they proceed to click on “Work”.
If they don’t hear it, they can click on “Try again”. If the issue persists, contact our support.

Predictive dialing searching for a contact

When the dialer is processing calls in the background, a spinning blue icon is displayed, and music is played to notify the agents. Once the dialer finds a respondent who picks up the call, the music stops, and the system pulls up that contact’s interview for the agent to start the call.

Agents can pause the system when the spinning blue icon appears by clicking the button “Put in pause mode”.

Please note: the predictive dialing only works if you purchase predictive licenses and if this mode is enabled in the survey settings.