CAWI link example for external Panel integration

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

Many CAWI surveys needs to have some sort of external panel integration, both when the user starts the interview from an external panel, and when the user completes a survey and needs to be redirected to the original site. In this case, the variable linked to contact id is sent back to the panel with the link that also includes the identification.

The supplier provides links like these:

Redirect completes:

Redirect screenout:

Reditect quotafull:

The redirect links for external panel integration can be simply inserted in the appropriate section in CAWI settings, inside the survey’s administration. Instead of “XXX”, you will need to write in the chosen field (you cannot chose an empty field) of the contact database that acts as identifier inside curly brackets (ex: {Identification}).

Ex (quota full):{Identification}

The list of identification values needs to be given by the provider, as it needs to match an ID in their database (please note that this list does not need to be the real identification of your provider’s contacts in their database, just a matching value that your provider’s database can join to the correct contact).

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