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In order to start a CAWI interview, the respondents will have to click on a link that can be a generic link (for anonymous distribution surveys) or univocal (for authenticated surveys).


By activating anonymous distribution, IdSurvey will automatically create a new contact for each access through the generic link. You can generally make use of this feature when you do not need to match respondent and interview.


  • If the respondents decide to stop the survey, by clicking on the “Exit” button they can enter their email address and will receive a univocal link that will allow them to access to the survey again.
  • By activating anonymous distribution IdSurvey will create a new contact for each access with a generic link. There is no way to prevent a contact from completing the same interview multiple times.

By disabling the anonymous distribution, IdSurvey will not automatically create new contacts. In order to have access to the interview you will need a univocal link. This will ensure correspondence between respondent and interview. In order to work with this function you will have to pre-upload the contacts list.


  • If respondents decide to quit the interview, they will be able to access to it again and complete it by using the univocal link.
  • If respondents should access to a complete interview again, they will be able to see the answers that were previously given but can not edit them in any way.
  • In order to improve the integration with third part instrument, you can ensure the authentication by adding an Identification or a customized Primary Key to the generic link of the survey,

Generic CAWI link

From the survey settings click on the CAWI tab. Go to the “Link” section.

Click on the button “Copy link” and copy the URL address in order to distribute it according to the requirements of your project.


  • By clicking on copy link you will also show a QrCode that allows you to access the interview from mobile devices simply by framing it with your camera. This allows you to easily test the questionnaire on smartphones and tablets.

copy cawi link

Exporting the univocal CAWI link list

You might need to export the complete list of univocal links of the contacts uploaded on IdSurvey when you are planning to send email campaigns with third part instruments.

From the “Contacts Management” page click on the settings icon: select all contacts and go to “Export”.

The field named UnivocalLink on the Excel file that you dowload will contain a univocal link for each contact.


  • If you generated multiple links for the same survey, the export will always display the main link (by default).

Copying the univocal CAWI link for a single contact

If necessary, you can also copy the univocal CAWI link for a single contact of a survey.

Select the contact you need to export the univocal link from the “Contacts management” page.

Click on the icon  on the right of the contact. Select “Open with…” and choose the option “Copy univocal CAWI link”.

copy cawi link



  • IdSurvey always generates a univocal link for each contact. It works like this for any kind of survey, whether they are anonymous or authenticated. The univocal link can be useful to re-open or to have access to incomplete interviews even when working with anonymous distribution.