Create a group of interviewers

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

In CATI or CAPI you have to assign specific interviewers to work on the survey.
To make this operation as quick as possible, you can create groups of interviewers to simultaneously assign certain operators to the survey, instead of selecting them manually one by one.
For example, you can create a group for all interviewers speaking a certain language or a group for all interviewers working in a specific city.



To create a group of interviewers, enter section “Group settings” inside “Interviewers” in the survey menu.
Click on “+” button on the top left and set the name of the group. Click on “OK” and the group will appear in the list in alphabetical order.
Click on the name of the group and select from the box on right the interviewers profiles to include in the group from the “All” tab.
In the “Member of” tab you can see the names of the interviewers associated to the group.

To associate or delete an interviewer from the group you simply need to click on the name of the interviewer and click “Save” in the box on right.

If you have to edit the name of the group, click on the area with the name of the group in the right side of the screen.

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