Create and manage users

Compatibility:IdSurvey 8.0IdSurvey 22

IdSurvey allows the creation of unlimited administrators or users with specific permissions.


Administrator users can have “read” and “edit” access to any section of IdSurvey and create and manage any survey. They can also create, edit and delete users, change their permissions and password security preferences, and create and manage profiles.

Administrator users can also access the IdSurvey Store to purchase additional licenses independently.

Non-administrators users

Depending on the profile assigned or the individual permissions set, the non-administrator user can read or edit only the sections and functions they have the authorization for.
For example, you can create a user that can only access the statistics section or a user who can export results without access to the questionnaire.

The creation or editing of other users (administrator or otherwise) and the access to the IdSurvey Store is restricted to administrators only.

Create a new user

Log in to IdSurvey with an administrator account
Go to the “Users” section and click the “+” button in the upper left corner
Enter a username
Enter a password and retype it in the “Repeat Password” control field
Click the “Create” button to create the user and access the configuration page.

Create new user

The password must be at least 8 characters and contain at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one number, and one special character.

Set the profile and user’s authorizations

To access the editing and permissions page, you have to click on the pencil icon of the desired user from the user list page. When you create a new user the edit page will be proposed automatically.

From the editing and permissions page you have to set folder access, choose a profile, or choose individual permissions.

Choose whether the user will be able to access all surveys or only those contained in the selected folders.
Then select All Folders or Selected Folders.
To select folders click on the label “Folders” and from the pop-up menu select those that the user will be able to access.


Please note

  • The administrator has access to all folders (so you can ignore this step if the user is an administrator).
  • Selecting “All folders” will give the user access to all present folders and those created in the future.
  • Accessing a folder does not automatically allow access to its subfolders . To allow access to subfolders you must also enable them.

Select one of the available profiles depending on the type of user’s authorization.
If you are creating an administrator user, select the corresponding profile and ignore all subsequent steps.


Please note

  • If you want to view the detail of the selected profile’s permissions click on “Show Details.”
  • Folder access is not stored in the profile. Users with the same profile can be set up with access to different folders.
Manually set authorizations

If no existing profiles are appropriate for the user, click “Show Details” and manually set the authorizations.
Choose whether to allow export and analysis of “All interviews” or only “Validated interviews.”
Choose whether to allow export and analysis of “All fields” of the contact name or “Selected fields only.”

Allow export

Please note

  • Validated interviews are completed interviews that the quality control manager reviewed and validated. If your survey workflow does not include quality control of interviews, select “All Interviews.”
  • You can select fields viewable by restricted users from the “Contact Fields Management” page.

Select the read and edit permissions of the various sections and functions of IdSurvey. 
By acting on some buttons, you may automatically enable or disable other authorizations necessary or incompatible with the last one selected.

Edit permission

Once you have configured the user as desired, you must click Save editing.

Manage user’s profiles

Save a profile
If you have configured permissions that don’t match existing profiles, you can save that setting to a new profile to set it up for other users.
To save the profile, click the Save Profile button and enter a name and brief description in the pop-up window.

Save profile

Edit or delete an existing profile
To change the permissions or to delete the profile, you have to click on the gear icon next to the name in the drop-down list.

Edit or delete profile

By clicking the icon you enter the editing mode.

Edit mode

Now you can change the permissions and confirm by pressing the “Save editing” button. If you want, you can change the profile name and description from the pop-up window. By confirming, the changes will be applied to all users using this profile.

If you intend to delete the profile, click “Delete.” Users’ permissions will not be changed: users that use the deleted profile will be marked with an unsaved “Custom” profile, leaving individual permissions intact.

Please note
The default profiles cannot be changed or deleted.

Change password security preferences

You can change preferences for any user to increase password security.

If you enable “Password Expiration”, you can enter the number of days the password is valid. After this period has passed, the user will be prompted to set a new password in order to access IdSurvey. The new password set by the user will be valid for the same number of days as those indicated in Password Expiration.

Activating the “Limit Attempts” option allows the user to set the maximum number of attempts the user can make to access IdSurvey. If the user exceeds the number of attempts by entering an incorrect password, access will be blocked for 5 minutes.

Authorizations management