Custom Fields

Compatibilità:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey 7 you can add new customized contact fields (that we will call “Custom Fields”) besides standard fields that are already in the software.

You can use and manage custom fields just as you do with the standard fields of IdSurvey: you can set quotas, display conditions, filters, TextPiping, etc. You can also use them as variables to create any kind of FlowScript.

You can create new custom fields in many ways:

  • with an Excel file when you upload contacts
  • with IdCode (from “Update contact field” and FlowScript)
  • manually from the “Manage Custom Fields” page
  • with URL CAWI


  • You can create unlimited custom fields.
  • When you create a custom field this will be immediately displayed in the “Manage custom fields” page and in every list of contact fields (contact page, fields list on quotas, advanced filters, etc.).
  • The name of custom fields may not contain spaces or special characters, except for the underscore.
  • Custom fields can not be deleted.

Creating custom fields from Excel file

You can import a contacts list with all the columns necessary for the survey without creating the custom fields in advance and with no need to adapt the column headers in the Excel file. The guided procedure will allow you to import contacts lists and to associate Excel columns to the pre-existing fields or to new custom fields. You can manually create custom fields for any column or you can choose the function “create new fields automatically”. All the column headers that are not associated will be imported as new custom fields with the original name used in the Excel file. Any special character will be converted in _ (underscore).

IdSurvey will save the associations to make it easier for any further contacts import in the same survey,

Custom fields with IdCode and FlowScript

When using the “Update contact field” function or when you populate a field with FlowScript, if not already existing, IdSurvey will create a new custom field on the first interview the will recall that function.

You do not need to use any specific syntax for the creation of the new field.

Example “Update contact field”

What brand is your car?
1 Audi /UF "CarBrand=Audi"
2 BMW /UF "CarBrand=BMW"
3 Chrysler /UF "CarBrand=Chrysler"

Example FlowScript

if(Q1==1) {CarBrand}=Audi;

If the option with code 1 was selected on question Q1, the field CarBrand will be populated with Audi.

“Manage Custom Fields” page

From this page you can check the list of custom fields of the survey, you can create new ones and customize import and export labels.

In order to manually create a new custom field, click on the “+” button on top left of the page and enter the code of the new field, then click on “Create”.


  • There is currently no way to delete Custom Fields.


Name that indicates the field in the contacts page and that can be used and retrieved in the questionnaire.


  • The name may not contain spaces, accented characters or any special character except for the underscore.
  • The name has to be univocal. You can not create a custom field named after another already existing field (may that be custom or standard). The name of IdSurvey DB fields are also reserved. Please go to the article related for further information.

Label Import

It indicates the column header as it is in the Excel file. The import label will allow IdSurvey to automatically recognize the columns and associate them to the correspondent Custom Fields each time you upload a contacts list from an Excel file.

If not already existing, IdSurvey will use the Name of the field to try to automatically assign the Excel columns during the contacts import.


  • The import label is automatically set and managed by IdSurvey and it is generally not necessary to edit it.

Label Export

It indicates the label with which the field will be named on the export file of the results of the survey.

It may contain spaces and special characters.

If not already existing, IdSurvey will export the field using the Import Label. If the Import Label is not specified either, IdSurvey will use the name of the field.


  • The export label is exclusively used on the export of the results of the survey.
  • To make it easier to import contacts lists previously exported from other surveys, the Export Label is ignored from any export of the contacts list.

Populating Custom Fields from URL

You can add values to contact fields using the URL (Link CAWI).

If you try to populate one or more non existing fields, IdSurvey will automatically create a new Custom Field with the name indicated in the URL.


Please go to the article related for more information on populating fields from URL.