Display an item according to the number of answers previously selected

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7


I want to display an item according to the number of answers previously selected in a multiple option question.


Write the “CountCode” function in the Display Condition GUI box of the page:
if(CountCode (Question Code) == Number of options)

If I wanna set it in the IdCode, I’ll write it as follows:
/F “if(CountCode (Question Code) == Number of options)”

  • NOTE: version 6 uses a different syntax from version 7, as in it doesn’t need to enclose the Question Code within round brackets. Please refer to the breaking changes article for further informations.

I can set the condition for as many number of options as I want.


In question “Q1” I ask which product(s) from a specific brand I would purchase first. I want page “P2” to appear only if I selected exactly one option in question “Q1”.
In the gearwheel button of page “P2” I will set following filter: if(CountCode (Q1) ==1)

/page 1

P1 ->M
Which product(s) from Brand X would you buy first?
1 product 1
2 product 2
3 product 3
4 product 4
5 product 5
6 product 6
7 product 7
8 product 8
/page P2 /F “if(CountCode (Q1)==1)”

Would you consider buying any other product?

1 product 1 /F “if(Q1!=1)”
2 product 2 /F “if(Q1!=2)”
3 product 3 /F “if(Q1!=3)”
4 product 4 /F “if(Q1!=4)”
5 product 5 /F “if(Q1!=5)”
6 product 6 /F “if(Q1!=6)”
7 product 7 /F “if(Q1!=7)”
8 product 8 /F “if(Q1!=8)”



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