Display the total of previous numerical answers

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7


I want to use the ARITH function to display in a question text the result of a sum between two open-ended (numerical) answers previously given.


Write in the question text the following function: ARITH([codequestion1]+[codequestion2])

The same function can be written either in the GUI or IdCode.

  • NOTE: version 7 uses a different syntax to display onscreen the sum of two numerical open answers. Please refer to the breaking changes article for further informations.


I want to display in question D3 the result of the sum between question D1 (answer: 2) and question D2 (answer: 3).

In the question text I’ll write the function as:


In CATI, CAWI and CAPI interface, the result will be displayed as part of the text of the question.



Arith function as written in the GUI


Arith function as displayed in CAWI interface


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