Duplicate a survey

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey you can create a perfect copy of an existing survey using “Duplicate” button. The software creates an identical copy of the original survey with same settings and contents, except for the “Contacts Management” and “Data Repository” section.

Note: “Data Repository” is available in IdSurvey 6 only.

When is it useful to duplicate a survey?

Duplicating a survey can be really useful when you have to periodically administer the same type of survey (once a month, once a year, etc.).

Using the “Duplicate” function is also useful for IdSurvey versions before 6.0 to duplicate the survey after the testing phase, this way you can have an exact copy with a clean database to start collecting new data (in 6.0 or later version there’s “Test” mode that allows you to periodically clean the database from test interviews).



Enter the “Surveys” section in the Admin interface. Search for the survey to duplicate listed under “List of Surveys”. Click on the “Actions” button of the survey menu and then on “Duplicate”. Wait for the duplication process to be completed and then click on “Close”.

IdSurvey creates a copy of the survey, assigning a temporary title which is the same title of the original preceded by the codification [DUP].

Once the duplication is completed, you’ll land on the “Settings” page of the new survey.

With “Duplicate”, IdSurvey copies the questionnaire with all its settings, quotas or interviewer profiles assigned.

PLEASE NOTE: the “Contacts Management” section (and “Data Repository”) won’t be copied during the duplication. If needed, the contacts file must be uploaded again.

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