Edit answers in CAWI interviews

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

In CAWI surveys you can set a button (displayed on top right of the CAWI interface) that allows the respondent to see a recap of all the previous answers and edit them if needed.

You can decide whether to show or hide this button according to the survey you are currently managing.

The option “Show previous questions” is enabled by default in any CAWI survey. In order to edit this function please follow the instructions.


In order to display or hide the button to display and edit completed questions you have to enter the “Settings” section of the survey menu and then click on the CAWI tab.

Clicking on “Customize CAWI layout” you can choose the template for your survey. For each template you have three tabs: Style, Layout and Logo.

Clicking on “Layout” you can enable different functionalities including “Show previous questions”. By clicking on this button this will be always displayed on top right of the CAWI interface.


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