Email Sender campaign outcomes

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

When you start an email campaign, the software will automatically assign an outcome for each contact to whom the invitation was sent.

Outcomes can be permanent or temporary. When a temporary outcome is assigned, the server will automatically proceed with a new attempt. Each status change will be saved in the contact.

You can monitor the progress of an email campaign from the Email Sender by clicking on the “Settings” icon correspondent to the campaign and selecting the option “Statistics”. Please refer to the related article for further information.


  • For each new attempt following a temporary outcome no further licenses will be deducted.
  • As for all the other outcomes, the email outcomes will be registered in the “Last Status” field of the contact. The status will be used for the “Survey Activity” statistics and can be employed for filters and views.
  • You can check the history of the outcomes by accessing to the page of each contact.

Here is a list of the outcomes related to the Email Sender and the corresponding description:

Email Sender: InvalidThe address of the recipient was not properly formatted. The email could not be sent out.Permanent
Email Sender: QueuedThe email has been queued in the server, pending to be delivered.Temporary
Email Sender: SentThe email was successfully sent. The normal charge will be applied.Permanent
Email Sender: DuplicatedThe address of the recipient is already in the list. No further email will be sent out.Permanent
Email Sender: RejectedThe email was bounced by the recipient server.Permanent
Email Sender: SpamThe email was marked as spam by the recipient server.Permanent
Email Sender: UnsubscribedThe recipient unsubscribed from the mailing list. No further invitations or remainders will be sent to this address.Permanent
Email Sender: BouncedThe email was sent back from the recipient server. The error is permanent and the message will not be sent out. This can happen due to non-existing email addresses or because the recipient server blocked your own server. It is also called “hard bounced”.Permanent
Email Sender: Soft BouncedThe email reached the recipient server (that identified the address) but is sent back to the sender, before the recipient gets it. This can happen due to inactive or full server, full email account of the recipient or because the email is too heavy. If an email gets bounced 3 times, it will be automatically converted in Email Sender: Bounced permanent status.Temporary
Email Sender: DeferredThe email was sent out but the recipient server has temporary limited the access to the system. The email will not be delivered immediately. This can happen because the messages have been marked as spam too often or due to technical issues of the recipient server.Temporary