Export data file in SPSS format

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey you can export all collected data in different formats in the Export Results section of the survey menu. In this article we’ll focus on the SPSS format.

By default the system exports all results of all interviews made for that survey.
By clicking on Filter per period, in the “Settings” box on left, you can filter data to export according to a specific time frame, selecting days in the “From” – “To” fields.
Only interviews included in the time frame will be exported (only for exports in SPSS, CSV, TXT. ACCESS exports automatically includes all data).
By clicking on Contact fields, you will choose which contact fields (among those uploaded in the contact database) to export in the data file. These fields will be the first column of the exported file. To quickly select or deselect all contact fields, just click on the round button under the list, bottom right.

To save columns for future exports, click on “Save selection” and the system will record the action.



In the SPSS box select the type of interviews to export (complete or incomplete). By default the system export multiple dichotomous answers, disable the option if you need to.
Click on “Export” and wait for the exportation to be concluded then click on “Close”.
IdSurvey creates a zipped folder with 2 text files to export to SPSS: a variable file (the name ends with _var) and a data file (the name ends with _dat).
Save the files on your computer and open the variable file and substitute in the third link (e.g.: /FILE=‘physical-path\2014_02_19_154442_dat.txt’) the physical-path string with the real physical path of the data file you saved.
 In “Export history” you’ll see the list of all exportations.
The file is ready to be analyzed with SPSS choosing “New Syntax” and pasting variable text.

Open SPSS export with Excel

You can also open an SPSS file with Excel. In this case open Microsoft Excel and click on “Data” -> “From text”.

Select data file (_dat) contained in the SPSS export folder, in “File origin” choose Unicode UTF-8, write in “Other” the symbol § as delimitation, select all columns and set the format as “Text”. Click on “End”.

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