FlowScript: order of elaboration of the questionnaire pages

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

With the introduction of FlowScript it is important to understand the order of elaboration of the various functions in the answer options and of FlowScript.

When clicking on the “Next” button of a page of the questionnaire, IdSurvey will perform multiple operations.

The order in which the operations are carried out is the following:

  • Saving the answers
  • Processing any “Update contact field”
  • Processing FlowScript
  • Processing any “out of target” added to the answer options
  • Processing any skip (goto) added to the answer options
  • Requesting the following page



  • The elaboration of any skip function (goto) and out of target (ot) in a FlowScript will determine the end of its execution. Any instruction following a jump or an our of target will therefore be ignored.
  • When you are working with FlowScript we recommend not to use “inline” functions simultaneously from the answer options (skip, out of target and update contact field). By adding all the functions of the page in the FlowScript it will be easier to control the order or execution, so that the functions will not be processed in a different way from what we expect.


Order of elaboration of the questionnaire pages