GoTo with FlowScript (skip condition)

Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

With IdSurvey you can add skip conditions (goto) on answer options in order to force the flow of the questionnaire when a specific question is selected.


  • In order to do that you have to click on the “Conditions” menu of the answer option related, enable the “Skip” switch and write the goto instruction complete with code of the page and question, such as goto(Q15).

With FlowScript you can add a skip condition also in open-ended questions, multiple choice or conditions of any complexity.

In order to do that, you will have to write a FlowScript with the condition and the goto instruction.

if (condition) goto(question code or page code);

If the condition is true, you go to the question indicated.

In order to add a FlowScript click on the settings of the page and enable the switch “FlowScript”.

The FlowScript will be processed during the saving of the page.


  • You can create simple skips or sequence skips by specifying multiple question codes separated with commas, such as goto (Q15, Q19, Q25). For more details please read the related article.
  • When using the simple skip the questions that have been skipped will be cleared up from any previous answer in order to keep the consistency of the answers that were previously given. If the skip condition lands on a previous question, the data collected will not be deleted. However, you can avoid clearing up questions by writing a multiple jump without specifying the second code, such as goto (Q15, ' ').

Example on open-ended questions

The respondents that write “Italy” will have to skip to page P18.

if ( [Q1] == Italy ) goto( P18 );

If the open-ended answer to question Q1 is Italy, you are sent to page P18.

Example on multiple choice questions

The respondents that declare using both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will have to skip to question Q7.

if ( Q1 == 1 && Q2 == 2 ) goto ( Q7 );

If on question Q1 were selected both the option with code 1 and the option with code 2, you are sent to question Q7.

Example on multiple questions

The respondents that declare to have their own car and who intend to buy a new car in the next 3 months will have to skip to page P8.

if ( Q1==1 && Q2==2 )  goto( P8 );

If on question Q1 was selected the answer with code 1 and on question Q2 was selected the option with code 1, you are sent to page P8.