How many and which contacts completed the interview?

Compatibility:IdSurvey 5IdSurvey 6

You can check in real time within IdSurvey which and how many respondents associated to the survey completed the interview.

(Note: from version 6.0 onward, there is a “Views” button on the right of the gearwheel, that acts the same as the display options. You can customize your view by clicking on the arrow button in the upper middle of the screen. This will open a drop-down menu that allows you to set your filtering parameters)


To check which contacts completed the interview you have to enter “Contacts Management” section in the survey menu. Then click on the gearwheel button on top left and select “Display options” -> “Complete”. Just contacts that finalized the interview will be displayed.

The eye icon on the right of each contact with complete interview will be active and you’ll be able to see “Questionnaire Recap”. Clicking on this button you can display and print the interview.


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