How to check the quality of CAPI interviews

Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

IdSurvey 8 launches the “Silent voice recording” feature that allows you to record interviews collected by interviewers using the CAPI app.
Thanks also to the GPS location recording, you can supervise the work of the agents and the quality of the collected interviews.
Audio and GPS recording can be activated in the CAPI tab of the Survey Settings. The two functions are disabled by default for CAPI surveys.


  • You can see the GPS location by exporting the interview data in “Export Results”.
  • The GPS location where the interview started and ended is recorded in the export fields “GPStart” and “GPSEnd” respectively.
  • You can consult the recording of a single interview by accessing a specific contact’s tab in “Contacts Management” under “CAPI Audio Recordings” in the “Contact status” box. Alternatively, you can download recordings of multiple selected contacts from the gear button of “Contacts Management” under “Export CAPI Audio Recordings”. The audio recordings are exported in folders named with the contact ID in .m4a format.
  • CAPI audio recordings are saved in the Storage of the platform.
  • Thanks to the new recStart and recStop flowscript functions, it is possible to record even just a part of the interview. Find out more details in the Flowscript article.