How to speed up CAWI and CAPI tests using the QrCode

Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

IdSurvey 8 presents the QrCode links to easily test questionnaires on mobile devices.
Thanks to QrCode you don’t have to digit the link on the device nor share it via mail (or other solution) or fill in the CAPI interviewer’s credentials.
To open the questionnaire you have to frame the QrCode with your camera and click on the suggested notification.


For CAWI surveys you have 2 types of QRCodes according to the type of access you prefer.

Test a survey with anonymous distribution
From the “Copy link” found in each survey link you can access the QrCode to open the survey in anonymous distribution.

QrCode example
Test a survey with a specific contact
For some types of surveys, it may be necessary to test the questionnaire by logging in as a specific contact, such as when the questionnaire logic is based on pre-loaded contact fields.
From the contacts list, click on the action menu of the desired contact and choose “Copy Univocal Link”.

QrCode example


Using the QrCode, you can download, access, and test the survey on the CAPI App without having to fill out the survey address and interviewer credentials.
From the CAPI settings page, click on the desired interviewer’s action menu, then choose “Show QrCode”.

QrCode example


  • Although IdSurvey QrCodes are designed to quickly access the interview for survey testing operations, they are also available when the survey is online. If you access a live survey via QrCode, the interviews will be saved normally, similar to when you access using the standard link.
  • CAPI QrCode requires that the IdSurvey CAPI app is already installed on the device.
  • To enable QrCode reading in older Android devices, you may need to enable the QrCode Scanning option from camera settings or use third-party apps.