How to use keyboard shortcuts on CATI

Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

IdSurvey 8 introduces keyboard shortcuts for the CATI interface and a sophisticated keyboard input system for answering questions without using a mouse.
Using the keyboard optimizes interviewers’ productivity by reducing input time and simplifying response compilation.
Using keyboard commands, you can initiate the call, start the interview, select outcomes, and answer any question on the questionnaire.
In the interviewer menu, you find the “Show shortcuts” with the list of all commands provided.

IdSurvey CATI shortcut
IdSurvey includes keyboard shortcuts to move through menus, select outcomes or access the interview, keyboard data entry to answer survey questions, and auto next page to advance to the next page after completing all questions on the screen.


Keyboard shortcuts
The keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly access the menus (outcomes menu, tools menu, interviewer menu, etc.), type in the phone number, and interact with the CATI interface.
For example, from the introduction text, it is possible to issue the command “Go to interview” by pressing enter or open the results menu with alt+M and if desired move with the arrow keys, instead of using the mouse.
Keyboard data entry
The “keyboard data entry” mode allows you to answer the questions by typing in the answer code.
The active question is always indicated with an arrow and orange answer codes.
After typing the answer code for the first question, the focus moves to the next question while waiting for the next answer.


  • To activate the keyboard entry mode, simply type in an answer code, activate the option from the menu, or enter the interview by pressing the enter key. To disable it press the ESC key or deactivate the option from the menu.
  • In the case of multiple-choice questions, it is necessary to press enter to confirm the end of the insertion and go on to the next question.
  • When you type an open-ended answer, the focus is shifted to the text box. After typing the open-ended answer you need to press enter to confirm and move on to the next question.
  • When the focus is on a text area answer (long text or multiline text), you need to press shift+enter to confirm and go to the next question.
  • You can always move between questions on the page using the tab and shift+tab shortcut.
  • Even when keyboard input is active, you can always answer questions using the mouse.

Auto next page
From the interviewer menu, it is possible to activate the “Auto next page” option to continue automatically to the next page when all the questions have been filled in.
This option is useful for data entry activities as well as speeding up the work of the agents, for example when entering data from interviews already collected on paper (PAPI methodology).


  • To avoid unintentional page changes, the automatic forward is temporarily ignored if the focus is manually moved to other questions on the page (using tab, shift+tab, or mouse click).