IdSurvey 8.4 new features

Zero-coding interface for display conditions
Schedule survey opening and closing
Export the list of all surveys

Zero-coding interface for display conditions

New functionality to compose display conditions from “zero-coding” GUI.
The new tool allows conditions to be entered by choosing questions, answer options from drop-down menus that display the codes and texts of all questions and answers in the questionnaire. The menus allow you to compose each condition quickly and intuitively without any programming syntax. The new interactive interface offers a guided composition of the conditions in a discursive way similar to the spoken language and of immediate understanding to any user. For example:

Display this item if…
at question “Q1 – In which country do you live?” the answer “3 – Italy” is selected.
And at question “Q2 – Which of these sports do you play?” the response count is greater than 3

You can also enter conditions based on contact fields or quotas by simply selecting them from the corresponding drop-down menu. More experienced users can also take advantage of IdCode’s advanced functions, that can also be selected from the menu.
You can add an endless number of conditions concatenated by AND or OR and split them into multiple logical sets.
All existing display conditions are automatically interpreted and represented by the new interface. If you prefer using the IdCode syntax, you can switch at any time from the GUI to the code syntax and vice versa.

“Zero-coding” interface examples:

Survey scheduler

New scheduler to plan the automatic launching and termination of a survey. You can determine the launch by setting date and time and determine the closure by date and time or by number of completed interviews.

Export the list of surveys

New survey list export in Excel format with basic information such as author, creation date, number of completed interviews, status and active forms.