Import a list of contacts with IdSurvey 6

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

In IdSurvey 6 you can import your list of contacts much faster!

In the “Contacts Management” section of the survey menu you can upload a list of contacts (respondents) to associate to your project.
The list of contacts has to be imported with an Excel file.

With IdSurvey 6 you don’t have to create the Excel file with IdSurvey column headers but you can associate your own columns with IdSurvey’s during importation.

Let’s see how!


Enter “Contacts Management” section of “Management” of the survey menu.

Click gearwheel button on top left then “Import”.

STEP 1: click on “Upload” on top left in the upload window and select the Excel file from your computer.
Click on “Insert” on bottom right.

STEP 2: in this step you select the sheet containing your list. If the file you import has just one sheet, you’ll skip this step.

STEP 3: in this step you associate columns headers of your file to IdSurvey’s. By default IdSurvey will match columns with the same label (both for IdSurvey and your file) and you’ll display only columns not identified. If you want to display all columns click on “Show all columns” on top right.
What you have to do is associate one by one columns of your file with IdSurvey ones clicking on the dropdown menu and choosing from the list.
NOTE: every reference to contacts field has to be done using IdSurvey labels (for example in Text Piping or Logic conditions)

Please remember that each field has a maximum number of characters. Some fields can only include specific format/type of value:

Name: 255 characters
Surname: 255 characters
Address: 255 characters
Postecode: 7 characters
City: 255 characters
PhoneNumber: 255 characters
OtherPhone: 50 characters
Mobile: 50 characters
Email: 255 characters
Username: 255 characters
Password: 50 characters
DateOfBirth: date format yyyy-mm-dd
Gender: 50 characters
Zone: 50 characters
ZoneName: 255 characters
CityCode: 50 characters
Sample: 50 characters
Family: 50 characters
Identification: 50 characters
Company: 255 characters
Area: 255 characters
NumberOfEmployees: just whole number (maximum value 2.147.483.647)
VATNumber: 50 characters
Province: 50 characters
Profession: 255 characters
Qualification: 255 characters
UTC: just decimal numbers (if this field is not contained in the uploaded file, the contact will automatically get the server’s UTC; if this field is contained in the uploaded file, instead, it must have a value for each row)
Field1: 255 characters
Field2: 255 characters
Field3: 255 characters
Field4: 255 characters
Field5: 255 characters
Field6: 255 characters
Field7: 255 characters
Field8: 255 characters
Field9: 255 characters
Field10: 255 characters
Field11: 255 characters
Field12: 255 characters
Field13: 255 characters
Field14: 255 characters
Field15: 65000 characters (cannot be used for quotas)

If you don’t want to import every column of your original file, you can click on “Ignore column”.
Once you’ve matched all unidentified columns you’ll display a recap: blue columns are the ones you’ll import, grey columns are the ones ignored.
If all is correct click on “Continue”.

STEP 4: in this step you can associate your contacts to one, two or all methodologies! This action can also be changed later on in Contacts Management (click on the last icon of each contact “Actions” and select “Associate modules”).
When all is done click on “Import data” on bottom right wait until 100% then close or upload another sheet.

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