Insert quotas in your survey

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey you can quickly insert quotas in your survey to check data collection focusing on specific quantities.
Quota management is available for all methods: CATI, CAWI and CAPI.
For CAPI (face-to-face) module data synchronization with the server is necessary to update quota progress. The quota progress is available in real time for CATI and it can also be checked by interviewers on their interface.

The system runs a “Normal” (the check is only performed at the beginning and the end of the survey or in pages with an “update field” setting) or “Aggressive” (the check si performed after each page) control depending on what was set in “Survey settings”.

IdSurvey manages both simple and stratified quotas on an unlimited number of parameters. You can set quotas on contact variables already known and/or on variables obtained during the interview. In this case you have to use on questions the function “Update field” – that in software version previous than 6.0 is called “Update quota” (you can check related article in this knowledge base).

You can either insert quotas in your survey manually with GUI or import them from a file in Quotas Settings section.

Instructions to create a quota with GUI

To insert quotas in your survey via GUI, go on “Quotas Management” section of the survey menu and click on the “+” button on top left to add a new quota. The page you display is the quota editor where you have to complete all fields to create your new quota.

“Description” is the title of the quota that identifies values requested.
“Color” is the color you pick to associate with a certain quota.
“Required” is the number of interviews required to complete that quota.
“Set filter” is the editor you have to use to set parameters for your quota. To add parameter(s) click on the “+”. From the first drop down list select the field where the value that identifies your quota is saved. Second drop down list is to select the symbol to build your quota. Finally third text box is to write the value that identifies the quota and that is present in field selected in the first list.
You can stratifies multiple parameters for the same quotas adding more conditions with the “+” (for example, females from “Zone” Europe).

quota management editor

Instructions to create a quota importing an Excel file

Quotas can be also imported into Quotas Settings section using an Excel file.

To build your Excel file you have to insert (exactly in this order):

  • column “Description”: insert the name of the quota with no space
  • column “Color”: insert the color code to associate to the quota
  • Name of the field(s) to create the quota on: insert the name of the field or (if stratified quota) fields to insert values
  • “Required”: insert the number of required contacts for the quota
quotas excel file

Excel file for simple quota on “Zone” field

Schermata 2016-08-23 alle 15.45.02

Excel file for stratified quota on “Gender” and “Field1” fields

Once you created your file you can import it on Quotas Settings. Click on the gearwheel button and then on “Insert”. Click on “Upload” on top left in the upload window then “Add file” to select the Excel file from your computer.
Click on “Upload” then on “Close” when it’s 100%. Click on “Insert”, select the Excel sheet then click “Insert data”. Wait for the upload to be completed and close.


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