Open end encoder

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

The open end encoder can be accessed from the Tools section of the survey menu. It allows you to encode or edit text answers you collected in your survey.

In this section you can correct typos in open end answers or encode them with new or existing answer options.

Step 1

When you enter the open end encoder you find a list of all the open end questions in your surveys. Click on the question you want to encode and enter the question details.

Step 2

On the left you have all open ended answers given to that question while on the right you have the answer options of the question.

Search the list of open end answers by code or keyword.

Step 3

On the left, select the answers you want to encode.

If you want to edit a text answer, click on the pen icon on the right, change the text and then save.

If you want to encode them to an existing option, go on the right side and click on the new option you want to encode them with. Save clicking on OK.

If you want to encode them to a new option, you have to move to the tab “Answer options” click on the + button and add the answer choosing between single select or multiple choice type. Then go back to the “Open-end” tab and click on the new option you want to encode your text answer with. The new answer option will be included in the questionnaire. Save clicking on OK.

IdSurvey Open End Encoder

In case of a multiple option question, you are able to select more answer options during the encoding.

The data of the corresponding interviews will be updated with the new answer code. The text of the open end option will always be displayed in the export.