Edit a completed interview

Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

With IdSurvey you can re-open a completed interview to correct the answers of some questions.

The restored interview will resume from the final screen, from which you can return to any previous question. Once the correction has been made, you can save the interview again and it will be marked again as a closed and completed interview.

The answers you changed will be permanently overwritten and can no longer be restored.

How to re-open a completed interview

To re-open an interview it is necessary to access the “Contacts Management” page. Click on the “Actions” button of the contact and select “Open interview”.

Confirm the operation from the pop-up window.

At this point you will be able to access the interview to make changes.

You can open the interview by clicking on the “Actions” menu and choose “Open with CATI interface” or “Open with CAWI interface”.


  • If you intend to pass the contact back to the CATI agents – instead of directly re-opening the interview – it is necessary to rehabilitate the contact. To do so, click on “Enable contact” in the “Actions” menu or activate the option from the “Open interview” pop-up window. It may also be necessary to manually set an appointment to immediately propose the contact to the agents (“Actions” menu, “Edit appointment”).
  • The re-opened interviews can also be edited from the CAPI app. After the synchronization, the interviewer associated with the contact can find the interview in the list of partial interviews.
  • If you edit and save a completed interview with CAWI or CAPI mode, a new interview will be counted and deducted from your licenses credit.

re-open completed interview

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