Open/Edit a completed interview

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey you can open a completed interview (that is to make it available to edit from CATI/CAWI interface) usually to edit and correct some answers. Restored interview will start from the last question and you can then go back to a previous question to edit it. Once you’ve done all editing you can save the interview which is going to be back to “Completed” status.

Answers you edit will overwrite old answers.

The procedure slightly differs for to edit it via CAWI or CATI as for CATI you have to do an extra step to open the interview.

To open a completed interview you have to enter Contacts Management section of the menu, click on Actions button (on the right) of the contact and select Open interview. After you confirmed the action, the status of the contact will be red. Click on Actions again and then on Enable contact to put it back in circulation.

If you want to edit the interview via CATI, you have to assign the interview to a specific interviewer that might be aware of the fact that you opened some completed interviews or you can directly open up the contact using Actions button and then Open with.
To assign the appointment to the interviewer click on Actions and then on Assign appointment. Select the interviewer, the date/time and add notes.


For information on how to open and edit and interview in CAPI interface please check related article in the knowledge base. 

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