Matrix questions customization

Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

IdSurvey allows customization of matrix questions to fit your particular needs.


From the matrix question gear, multiple options can be turned on and off, including:

  • Show as matrix also on smartphones
  • Exclusive columns
  • Carousel
  • Reduce width
  • Column answers required
  • Make all rows optional/Make all rows mandatory


Show as matrix also on smartphones

By default, if you enter the survey from a smartphone, IdSurvey breaks down the matrix into multiple simple questions to make it clearer and easier to fill out from devices with small screens.

Enabling this option will always show the question as a matrix, regardless of screen size.


Exclusive columns

By enabling this option, only one answer choice can be selected for each column.

This allows you to set up a ranking question, for example, where you are asked to rank each item in a row, preventing the selection of the same ranking position for 2 different items.


Ranking question



By enabling this option, IdSurvey will display the question with the carousel style, proposing one line at a time, and showing the answer options as buttons.

This visualization can make it easier to fill out the questionnaire and is perfectly suited for smartphones and screens of all sizes.


Carousel question


Reduce width

By default, IdSurvey displays matrix questions taking up all the horizontal space of the screen. Even if the question has short texts and few answer choices. By enabling this option, the width of the matrix will depend on its content instead.

Reduce width is especially good for matrix used as forms, for example, to collect information such as first name, last name, etc.


Form Question


Column answers required

This special option allows you to make matrix columns mandatory. Usually, in a matrix, each row can be interpreted as a single question and each column as an answer choice. This option allows you to change this behavior to adapt the matrix to special needs.

By activating the “Column answers required” option in combination with optional rows, you can change this behavior, for example when you need to set columns as questions and rows as options.

However, it is good to consider that this kind of customizations can be difficult to understand for respondents because it is common usage to interpret a matrix as a series of questions placed in several rows that must be answered by choosing an option among those proposed horizontally.


Make all rows optional/Make all rows mandatory

In IdSurvey, every question is considered mandatory by default. In simple questions, you can set the question as optional. In the matrix question, it is possible to set each row optional by activating the option on the relative row gear.

The macro Make all rows optional / Make all rows mandatory automatically modifies all rows contained in the matrix.

This feature alters the normal behavior of the matrix for the creation of particular custom questions when used in combination with the “Required Columns” and/or “Exclusive Columns” option.