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TextPiping allows you to display a data you collected before in any part of the survey. It can be used with any survey methodology (CATI, CAWI, CAPI), both on survey texts and questionnaire objects (page title, question text, answer text).

By piping a previous answer, you can display the option selected or written in an answer to a question in a previous page of your survey. Any type of answer can be displayed, both open-ended (text, numbers, assisted, etc) and not. In the latter case, the function will pipe the text of the answer’s label. If the piped answer is not selected (in case of multiple answers) or the piped question was not displayed during the survey, the line N.D. will appear instead.


Each type of answer option has a slightlty different codification for TextPiping.
The same codification can be used with GUI or IdCode. Here is a list of the most common cases:

Basic questions

Single-select questions[Questioncode][Q1]
Multiple-choiche questions

(all selected options)

Multiple-choiche questions

(specific answer)

[Questioncode:Answercode] [Q1:1]
Multiple-choiche questions

(multiple specific answers)

Text input in the “Text field after question” box

(if enabled)



In simple matrixes, each row is considered as a separate question. Therefore, it is possible to use the same syntax indicated for basic questions, but instead of using the question code only, you will need to add the row code immediately after the question code.

Matrix row[MatrixcodeRowcode][Q1.1]


It will show the answer given to row .1 in matrix Q1


3D Matrixes

In 3D matrixes each cell is considered as a separate question. Similar to simple matrixes, you can use the basic questions syntax, but in this case you will need to specify the coordinates of the cell inside the grid instead of the question code.

3D Matrix Cell[MatrixcodeRowcodeColumncode][Q1.1.1]


It will show the answer given to the cell at the cross between row .1 and column .1 in matrix Q1


  • In 3D matrixes you cannot enable the “Text field after question” box

You can also use the TextPiping function to set a default value in an open-ended text answer, assuming that this answer is in a page after the one you’re trying to pipe. To do it, you will simply need to input the correct syntax in the “preset value” field of the answer settings.


Example 1

piping_cellText piping of answer given to question 63, row 1, column 1.

piping_cell_cawiText piping of answer given to question 63, row 1, column 1 as displayed in CAWI.

Example 2

Piping_question_gridText piping of answer given to question Q7.

piping_answer_cawiText piping of answer given to question Q7 (Brand “X”).

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