Populate fields from URL

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey 7 you can automatically create new contacts with fields already populated by the URL that is used to access the survey. This feature is especially useful when you use lists of respondents that aren’t managed within IdSurvey – like panels lists, CRMs, a specific site’s list of users, etc…

In this example we’ll see the necessary steps to use this feature.

Step 1:

From the CAWI Settings page, click on the “Contacts options” drawer, and select “Anonymous Distribution”.

Step 2:

From the CAWI Settings page, click on the “Link” drawer.

Step 3:

Click on the cogwheel button and select “copy link”.

Step 4:

Paste the address in the browser and add the string “&Field=Value

  • NOTE:Field” and “Value” are two customizable variables: the former defines the name of the field that will be populated, and the name it will be used in the export file; the latter indicates the value that the field will be populated with. You can also add more fields and relative values by chaining multiple “&Field=Value” strings.

For example:


will create a contact with value “1” inside the field “test”.

  • If “Field” is a custom field not yet recognized in the survey list of variables, it will be automatically created the first time the link is used to access the survey.