IdTalk and predictive dialing settings

Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

IdTalk is IdSurvey’s PBX. Starting from version 8.9.0 IdTalk includes a built-in soft phone in the CATI interface.
If you purchased an IdTalk plan along with your IdSurvey licenses, you can set your preferred dialer’s configurations in the Settings section, CATI tab, Call Settings.

IdTalk settings

Ringing tones

You can select the maximum number of rings the dialer has to make before dropping the call.

Outbound caller ID 

If you did not request the implementation of multiple caller IDs in the dialer, you can keep this setting on “Use switchboard settings”.
If you requested multiple IDs to our IT team, the ID to select for this survey will be displayed in the dropdown menu.

Predictive dialing settings

A predictive dialer dials a list of telephone numbers and connects calls to phone agents. When the predictive dialing is enabled, the software uses statistical algorithms to minimize the time that agents spend waiting between conversations, while minimizing the occurrence of someone answering when no agent is available.

If you purchased the Predictive Dialing module, you will be able to work with IdTalk with the predictive methodology. Predictive dialing can be set from the Admin Interface.


  • In order to work with the Predictive Dialer you have to add the phone number in the “Phonenumber” field. Please refer to the related article in order to find out more on the multi-number management.

Go to the “IdTalk settings” section of the survey you are working on, then click on “Enable predictive dialing”.

Some extra settings will now be displayed. You will need them to configure the predictive dialing:

Dial level 

It is the ratio between predictive calls and interviewers. For example, if you set Dial level to 1.5 in a call center with 10 interviewers, the system will make a maximum of 15 simultaneous calls.
Change value to balance attempts of call depending on the quality of the phone numbers you have in your DB. If you have a good DB, you can keep your dial level around 1/1.5 but this can be increased up to 6/8 if the quality of your numbers is poor.

Use queue

Specify the dialer queue reserved for this survey. The default value to set on this box for the first questionnaire is 600.
If you use more than one queue (so you have more than one concurrent questionnaire), you can assign sequential queues to the other questionnaires.
For example, setting queue 600 for one survey and queue 601 for another, you can reserve some interviewers to one survey and some interviewers to the other.
In your IdTalk queue from 600 to 603 were configured. The dialer will automatically send calls to all interviewers according to the queue set for each survey. For more information, please contact our Support Team.

Maximum calls

This configuration has to be set only if you use landlines. Set the maximum of lines to simultaneously use according to the number of available lines in your landline.
 By setting this on 0, the limit will be ignored. If you use VoIP lines, you can keep this parameter to 0.

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