Quick access to a specific interview

Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

Administrators can access the interview of a specific contact directly from the “Contacts Management” page.
For quick access to the interviews click on the “Actions” menu of the desired contact, click on “Open with…” and choose the interface to open the interview (CAWI or CATI).
Alternatively, you can copy the unique CAWI link to access the interview from another browser or another device.


  • “Open with CATI interface” and “Open with CAWI interface” are not available if the interview is in progress or complete.
  • “Copy univocal CAWI link” is also available for complete interviews, however you will only be able to view answers already collected.
  • To edit an already completed interview you need to re-open it by clicking on “Open interview”.
  • The “Copy univocal link” option provides a QRCode to quickly access the interview from mobile devices, simply by framing it with the camera.


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