Random: an introduction

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

Enabling Randomization IdSurvey will display items in random order.
You can set randomization for any order of items (except sections), for example for question answers, matrix rows, pages, etc…
Randomization has to be enabled on the item that includes elements to randomize.
To enable randomization on pages you have to set the function on the section gearwheel button (to learn how to create a section please check other articles on IdCode or GUI).
To enable randomization on questions you have to set the function on the page gearwheel button.
To enable randomization on answers you have to set the function on the question gearwheel button. Same works also for matrix or 3D matrix questions where you can randomize all items within the question (columns, rows and cells).

Customize random

You can customize randomization behaviour and choose items to be displayed randomly and items to be fixed or create randomization groups.
When you enable Randomization all items are included in default group G0. All items in G0 are rotating one with the other.
You can display and edit randomization group clicking on the icon near each item code.


Some examples:
If you want to fix one option as last, you have to specify for this option a different randomization group. For example, G1.
So all elements in G0 will rotate on with the other while the item in G1 will be always displayed as last.

Another example: in a question with 10 answer options if you want to rotate first 5 options together and second 5 options together, you have to set 2 different randomization groups: for example, G0 for first 5 and G1 for second 5.

Enabling Blocks Randomization you can extend random customization blocking options together within the group to create endless possibilities.

To set randomization on pages you have to create a section first: click on Edit Pages button, then drag one page over the other(s) and release. Once you’ve done that, you can click on the small gearwheel of the section and then again on the geawheel of the section settings and enable Pages randomization:

As for questions or answers, you’ll get the same group or block buttons.

To learn more on this topic please consult related articles.

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