CAWI: Review/Print a completed web interview

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

If your CAWI survey is authenticated (either with username and password or univocal link), you can review or print the interview of a respondent by simply using the same link you sent out for the invitation.


Once the interview is completed, you have to access the same interview (either with a univocal link or credentials). A message will be displayed: “The survey has been already completed. You can see your answers clicking here”. Click it to enter the questionnaire recap.

To print the questionnaire scroll the entire page and click on the icon on bottom right.


NOTE: it is possibile to view and print the questions’ and answer’s codes only if the button “Show codes” is enabled in the CAWI admin interface, under “Customize CAWI Layout” and “Layout”.

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