Text Piping: data from Contacts Repository

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

With text piping you can displays a data you collected before in any part of the survey. It can be used with any survey methodology (CATI, CAWI, CAPI), both on survey texts and questionnaire objects (page title, question text, answer text).
By Text Piping a data from contacts repository, you can display an information uploaded in the “Contacts Data Repository” section.
For example, you can use it to display information in the presentation text or in a question.


You have to write the name of the “key” field used in Contacts Data Respository that the software needs to get between dollar symbol ($).
The same codification can be used either with GUI or IdCode.


In this example the number of children of the respondent (an information saved in the Contacts Data Repository with the key “numberchildren”) is displayed in the question text.


Text piping of a data from the Contacts Repository as programmed in the Admin interface



Text piping of a data from the Contacts Repository as displayed to the respondent in CAWI interface

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