Save an answer in the contacts DB

Compatibility:IdSurvey 5IdSurvey 6

Using the “Update Contact Field” (called “Update Quota” in versions before 6.0) function in the answer’s options, you can save an anwer given by the respondent into the contact database associated to the survey.


Enable the “Update Contact Field”/”Update quota” button that you find under the gearwheel button of the specific answer.
Choose from the dropdown menu of “Update Contact Field”/”Update quota” the field where you want to save the answer. Write in the text box below the code of the question between square brackets.

The software will then write the data provided by the respondent into the contacts DB under the selected field.


If the field selected was already populated, “Update Contact Field”/”Update quota” function will overwrite that data with the new information.


In this example the “Update Contact Field”/”Update quota” writes into the “Email” field of the contact database the answer inserted in question Q1.



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