Send SMS with CAWI link from CATI interface

Compatibility:IdSurvey 8.0IdSurvey 22

Thanks to the mixed mode, IdSurvey allows telephone agents to send a SMS from the CATI interface containing a link to respond to the survey via web (CAWI methodology).

By setting up the message within the administration interface, the telephone interviewer will find the “Send SMS” option on the “Pause” button.
By clicking this button, the agent can either confirm or enter the mobile number to which they want to send the link. The field is automatically populated by the software with the content of the “Mobile” field in the database, if available.

Note: If the agent modifies or adds the mobile number, the value will also be overwritten in the database. A valid mobile number must always include the international prefix preceded by the “+” symbol or “00” (e.g., +393301010000 or 00393301010000).

If the “Send SMS” function of the CATI is used, the “SMS Sent” option is added in CATI Settings -> Call Settings. This option allows you to decide how many days to wait before recalling the contact in case they haven’t responded to the survey via CAWI.

Setting up the SMS for CATI

To enable CATI agents to send a sms with the survey link, you need to fill out the “SMS CAWI invitation (set an outcome to the call)” box in the CATI Settings page.

In the “Customized Sender” field, you can enter a name or number with no spaces
In the “Message” field, you can customize the SMS’s text. You’ll need to insert the survey link by clicking the “Insert questionnaire link” button. The software will automatically generate a unique authenticated link for each contact.

Please note: If the message exceeds 160 characters (the maximum limit for a single SMS), it will be automatically split into two or more separate SMS messages.
The use of certain special characters and capitalized accented letters limits the maximum number of characters per SMS to 70.