Set a quota on an answer option

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey you can quickly set quotas to check data collection focusing on the requested quantity.

IdSurvey manages both simple and stratified quotas on an unlimited number of parameters.

You can set quotas on already known contact variables and/or on variables obtained during the interview. To set a quota on an answer option you have to use on questions the function “Update contact field”, that writes or updates a variable in a field of the contact database entry associated to the current respondent of the questionnaire.

The software automatically runs a control in the questions where “Update contact field” is set and if the contact belongs to a quota that is full, the interview is stopped.


To set the quota on an answer using the “Update contact field” function in the GUI, click on the gearwheel button of the answer option you want to use to create the quota, and enable “Update contact field”/“Update quota”. Now select the field of the contact database you want to use for the quota from the dropdown menu and insert the value to be written in the contact database in the text box below.


If you wish to set the quota on an answer using IdCode, the “Update Contact Field” function has to be written right after the answer text with following codification: /UF “Field = Value”
For example:

01 Male /UF “Gender=M”

Once the answer is set, you need to go to “Quota Management”, under the “Management” icon of the survey menu, to create the quota.
To do it manually you have to click on the “+” button on top left.
In “Description” insert the name you want to give to the quota (empty spaces not allowed), select a color for it then, under “Requested”, insert the number of completed interviews needed before closing the quota.
Under “Set filters”, select the field you want to use to build the quota from the first dropdown menu, and then write in the text area the value used in the question.

Alternatively, you can also import quotas using an Excel file.

To know more on quotas consult other articles of this Knowledge Base on Quotas Management.

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