Setting up a survey for a panel

Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

In order to work with a panel you need to set up the survey to allow the automatic creation of the contacts from URL, by saving the identification that will be necessary for the univocal correspondence between interview and respondent.

The panel provider will set his own platform with the link of the survey (taken from IdSurvey) that will include the parameter and the variable used as primary key.

When a respondent opens the survey, the corresponding contact will automatically be created in IdSurvey,

The outcomes “Interview complete”, “Quota full” and “Out of target” will be communicated by the panel provider to IdSurvey using the redirect links. To allow the panel provider to “connect” the outcomes to the respondents you need to add a contact field containing the univocal identification to the redirect link.


  • With IdSurvey you can work simultaneously with multiple panels for each survey. In order to do that you will only need to create multiple links of the questionnaire, to set URL parameters and different primary key fields for each panel.

Step 1

Go to the CAWI settings of the survey, open the “Contacts options” section and enable the option “Anonymous distribution”.


  • Even if the survey is not actually anonymous, it is necessary to enable this option to allow the automatic creation of contacts without having to upload them in advance.

Step 2

Choose the primary key.

Go to the CAWI settings of the survey and open the “Link” section. Click on the settings menu and select “Change primary key”.

Now choose the name of the variable that will be part of the URL and a contact field where to record the value of each respondent. For practical reasons, here we will set the name of the variable as idpanel and we will save it in a new custom field called idpanel as well.


  • You can choose any contact field to use as primary key. If you use the name of a field that does not exist yet, IdSurvey will create a new Custom Field during the first use.
  • Some panel providers could send you a specific URL parameter. If so, you will have to set the parameter according to the request of your provider and select the custom field where to save the value.
  • If you are working with multiple panels for the same survey you will have to specify URL parameters and different identifications fields for any link that was created.

Step 3

Copy the link.

Step 4

Create the link that you will have to send to the panel provider, including the URL parameter that was previously set. Here you will have to add &idpanel=univocal_code where univocal_code will be substituted by the field that the provider will use to enter the identification value of every respondent.



  • The software of the panel provider will enter a univocal code for each respondent in this example instead of the [gid] placeholder. The value that the software will enter will be saved on the custom field idpanel.

Step 5

The panel provider will usually send 3 redirect links for the outcomes “Interview complete”, “Quota full” and “Out of Target”.

Enter the redirect links that the panel provider sent you, including the TextPiping to the contact field that contains the identification. 



  • Sometimes the panel providers do not need to connect the redirect links to the respondents and could therefore only send simple links that do not need any TextPiping addition to the field that contains the identification.
  • If requested by the panel provider, enable the option “Redirect over-quota to quota full” to redirect the complete interviews that belong to full quotas to the “Quota full” rather than “Completed”

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