SMS Sender campaign outcomes

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

As for the email campaigns, once you start an SMS campaign the software will automatically assign an outcome to each contact to whom the invitation was sent.

Outcomes can be permanent or temporary. When a temporary outcome is assigned, the server will automatically proceed with a new attempt. Each status change will be saved in the contact.

You can monitor the progress of an SMS campaign from the SMS Sender by clicking on the “Settings” icon corresponding to the survey and selecting the option “Statistics”. For further information, please go to the related article.


  • In case of a further attempt following a temporary outcome, no further licenses will be deducted.
  • As for all the other outcomes, the SMS outcomes will be registered in the “last status” field of each contact. The last status will be used for the “Survey Activity” statistics and can be employed for filters and views.
  • You can check the status history of each contact from the contact page.

Here is a list of the outcomes related to the SMS Sender and the corresponding description:

SMS Sender: InvalidThe number of the recipient was not properly formatted. The message could not be sent out.Permanent
SMS Sender: DuplicatedThe number of the recipient is already in the list. No further attempts will be made.Permanent
SMS Sender: RejectedThe mobile network rejected the message. No charge will be applied.Permanent
SMS Sender: UndeliverableThe message cannot be sent out. The error is permanent.Permanent
SMS Sender: DeliveredThe message was sent out correctly. The normal charge will be applied.Permanent
SMS Sender: ExpiredNon verranno effettuati ulteriori tentativi d’invio. The message has expired without getting any delivery confirmation. No further attempts will be made.Permanent
SMS Sender: DeletedThe message was deleted.Permanent
SMS Sender: SkippedThe message was sent out but was intentionally ignored due to specific rules of the network.Permanent
SMS Sender: BufferedThe message is in the internal queue of the server, pending to be delivered to the mobile network.Temporary
SMS Sender: ScheduledThe message was rescheduled for a future attempt.Temporary
SMS Sender: UnknownThe message was sent out to the sender server but no outcome was received yet.Temporary
SMS Sender: EnrouteThe message was sent out to the mobile network and is about to be delivered to the final recipient.Temporary
SMS Sender: AcceptedThe mobile network accepted the message for the final user.Temporary