SMS Sender campaign statistics

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

You can monitor the progress of an ongoing or complete SMS campaign from the SMS Sender by clicking on the “Settings” icon and selecting the option “Statistics”.

The window shows the statistics separated in multiple grids, one for the first invitation and the others for each remainder that was set in the campaign.

Each statistics grid is divided into multiple headings. You can click on each of them to check the details for each phone number. You can export all the details in Excel format.

For each invitation you can check the percentage of clicked links and completed interviews.

Here is a list of the headings of the statistics related to the SMS Sender and the corresponding description:

In queueSMS pending to be delivered. The contacts that appear to be queued are taken charge by the server
Delivered on sent SMS actually received by the recipients compared to the total of the SMS sent out by the server.

This information, together with the number of errors, is equal to the total of the SMS sent out until that moment. Since some error outcomes are temporary, the number of SMS delivered can increase over time. 

Clicked linksNumber of SMS for which the recipient has clicked on the link at least once. The phone numbers in this list are also in the “Delivered on sent” list.
ErrorsThe invitation was sent out but failed to be delivered. By clicking on the heading you can check the outcome associated to each contact and get to know more details on the errors.

Sometimes outcomes are temporary, therefore the errors count can change. 
The phone numbers associated to permanent errors will be excluded from further delivery attempts. 
The number of errors, together with the number of delivered messages, makes the total of messages that have been sent out. 

Partial interviewsContacts that received the invitation correctly and have started the interview without completing the questionnaire. Further remainders will be sent out to these contacts.
Complete interviewsContacts that completed the interview. These contacts will not received any further remainder.

If a contact should complete the survey after a remainder was sent out, this will only be registered on the statistics relating to that specific remainder and not on the statistics relating to previous invitations.