Compatibility:IdSurvey 7IdSurvey 8

IdSurvey 8 introduces a dedicated storage to manage media collected during the interviews. The files collected during the interviews with photo, video, audio, signature, CAPI background recordings, etc. are stored in the space.
It is now possible to manage large amounts of files, including high-definition video, without negatively affecting IdSurvey’s performance.
In the Utility section, you can check the new “Storage” license. By clicking on “Details” it is possible to consult the list of all the surveys present in the platform with their relative size.


  • Once you reach the maximum limit of your plan, you will no longer be able to download the media.
  • The collected files are part of the interviews so you cannot delete the files. You must delete the interviews or the survey to free up space.
  • Each customer will get 5GB of storage free of charge. For those who make extensive use of media applications and especially for video applications, upgrades to 250GB or 500GB are available.
  • Video files, especially high-definition ones, can take up a lot of space.