Actions of the survey menu

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

You can work on any survey of your platform entering the different sections of the survey menu. The menu is in the Surveys List of “Surveys” section and it’s always on top right within each survey.

Let’s see now which sections and sub-sections compose the survey menu:

  • Questions: where you can create the questionnaire to associate to the survey
  • Settings: where you can decide all simple and advanced settings for each methodology of research (CATI/CAWI/CAPI)
  • Management:
    • Assign interviewers: where you can associate CATI and/or CAPI interviewers profiles to work on the survey
    • Contacts management: where you can upload and manage the list of respondents
    • Contacts data repository (IdSurvey 6 Only): where you can store extra information linked to respondents
    • Manage custom fields (IdSurvey 7 Only): where you can create and manage custom fields for the contacts
    • Quotas management: where you can set and manage quotas
  • Tools:
    • Export results: where you can export data collected in different formats
    • Calls management: where you can customize respondents management
    • Open end encoder: where you can encode open end (text) questions before exportation
  • Quick links:
    • Survey activity: where you can check survey progress
    • Interviewers activity: where you can check information on interviewers activity and productivity
    • Answers Analysis: where you can check frequency of answer for each question of the questionnaire


Some menu icons are only in the “Survey list” page. Specifically, those are:

  • Closed survey: when an orange lock icon is displayed before the standard menu, the survey is closed and data collection is disabled
  • Stored survey: when an orange store icon is displayed before the standard menu, the survey is stored
  • Actions: this button is at the end of the survey menu. In particular, it includes following sub-sections:
    • Duplicate: to create a copy of the survey
    • Delete: to delete the survey and all related data
    • Store: to store the survey as .zip file and save space on main IdSurvey DB. When a survey is stored this button is replaced by “Restore”.


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