Test mode

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By activating “Test Mode” you can easily test the questionnaire, settings, and any aspect of the survey without compromising the actual data. 
When you create a new survey, the test mode is enabled by default and is automatically disabled when the survey is live.


How Test Mode works

In test mode, it is possible to collect interviews in each methodology (CATI, CAWI, and CAPI) exactly as if the survey was online.
It is also possible to export the data, for example, to verify the export database.

When the test mode is deactivated, all collected data, saved interviews, changes to contact fields, appointments, results, and attempts are returned to their original state.

When the test mode is activated it is still possible to set the survey in all its parts (questionnaire design, settings, contacts import, quotas, interviewers assignment, etc.). Every configuration, quotas, and imported contact will be maintained even when the test mode is deactivated.


  • No active licenses are required to conduct interviews in test mode.
  • To easily test a questionnaire using the CAWI interface, make sure you have enabled the “Anonymous Distribution” option in the CAWI settings.
  • If you want to test the logic of a questionnaire that includes rules based on contact fields, use the unique link of a specific contact or use the shortcuts “Open with…”. 
You can find these features on the Action menu of each contact on the “Contacts management” page.
  • It is possible to put a survey already live back into test mode. This allows you to do test interviews without corrupting the data already collected. However, please note that any CAWI links already distributed to respondents may allow access to the interview in test mode. In this case, it is recommended to disable the CAWI links beforehand and reactivate them only when the survey is live again.
  • When active, the survey is marked as “TEST MODE” next to the survey title.
  • The test mode collects a maximum of 10 interviews. When this limit is reached, the data will be automatically reset allowing the collection of more test interviews.
  • The CAPI app by its nature works offline. When the administrator removes the test mode and puts the survey live, CAPI agents will need to synchronize to start working on the actual data collection.
  • CAPI agents who have already collected real interviews will not be able to synchronize the survey if the test mode is reactivated by an administrator. Interviewers will be able to conduct real interviews and synchronize only after the survey is back in live mode.

Test Mode menu bar

When you enter an interview in test mode a menu bar is shown on top to easily move through the questionnaire pages.

test mode

Previous question
Return to the previous question. This function follows display conditions keeping the logic of the questionnaire coherent.

Previous and next page
Go to the previous or next page ignoring any logical conditions. All questions and answer options will be displayed, even if a condition is applied to them.

Go to…
It allows you to move immediately to the specified page, ignoring any logical conditions. You can enter the code of the page, question, or any other element of the questionnaire.

If activated, it shows the codes of the questionnaire items, regardless of the survey settings.

Start a new interview
Only available at the end of a test interview in CAWI mode, it allows you to quickly start a new test interview.

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