Test mode

Compatibility: IdSurvey 6 IdSurvey 7

By using the Test Mode in IdSurvey, you can easily test your survey and all its setting before and during data collection with one click only!

For all our old customers: no more duplication!

In the Surveys list you’ll see surveys in Test Mode marked with an orange label before the survey menu. Surveys in this mode are not displayed in the Homepage “Last Surveys Created” section.


Before data collection

When you create a new survey in IdSurvey it’s automatically set in Test Mode in Settings section of the survey menu (box the top left).

While you’re in test mode you can create your questionnaire, add interviewers profiles, contacts, quotas and do all you tests with final interfaces (CAWI or CATI) as if the survey was really live. You can also export data file and see how the output looks like.

Please note: this mode is not currently compatible with the CAPI interface.

When tests are over and you’re ready to go live with data collection go on Settings section, disable “Test Mode” button and enable “Go Live” button.

With this action IdSurvey will automatically erase all data saved during tests so your survey database is clear and ready to work!

Please note: this mode permits a maximum of 10 test interviews.
If you need to do more than 10 interviews as test, you can work around this limit enabling Go live mode, saving editing to then activate Test mode again. The test interview counter will be reset! There is no limit to the times you can reset the test mode.


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