Update a field of contacts database with file

Compatibility:IdSurvey 6IdSurvey 7

With IdSurvey you can edit one or more contact database field(s) after having uploaded the contacts list into the “Contacts Management” page.

Using the “Update from file” function you can update contacts information by uploading an Excel file containing the contact IDs and the fields to update.

Step 1

First of all, to update contacts you have to download all the contact IDs.
Go to the “Contacts Management” page in the survey menu.
Select the profiles of the contacts you want to update from the list. Click on the gearwheel button on top left and then on “Export” to export all contacts displayed.

Step 2

Once the export process is finished, open the file and copy the column “ContactID” into a new Excel file. This column contains the variable that identifies the contacts to update.

Other than the “ContactID”, you will have to add the column(s) you want to update or add in the new Excel file. Once you are done save your file.


Excel file to update contacts for fields “Mobile” and “UTC”

Step 3

Click on the gearwheel button on top left and then on Update from file. Follow the upload process by clicking on “Upload from file” (floppy icon or green “+”): select the Excel file to import and the sheet containing data, then click on “Insert data”. You should get a message like “Inserted rows 11”, for example, meaning that 11 contacts were correctly updated.

Close the upload window: you contacts will be updated.


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