Welcome to IdSurvey Knowledge Base!


Welcome to IdSurvey Knowledge base!

What you will find in this Knowledge Base

Thanks to the articles of the Knowledge Base you will learn how to design, manage and monitor your surveys using IdSurvey software.

Articles are constantly updated and improved according to the upgrades of the software and the addition of new functions.

If you are looking for an article related to a specific function but you were not able to find it on our guide, please send us a request by using the “Request an article” button on the bottom right of the home page and filling out the form.


  • In the articles you will be redirected to different sections of the admin platform or of the final user interfaces.¬†Admin sections are always displayed on the top right of your platform. Some of them may not be accessible, depending on the permissions that have been assigned to your account.


Happy surveying!

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