Widen rows in a grid

Compatibility:IdSurvey 5IdSurvey 6

This script allows you to widen the rows width in a grid, consequently reducing the width of the columns. This can be useful if you have long texts in the rows.


  • The script is not compatible with the smartphone view of CAWI interviews, if the grid has more than a single column.


Copy the script in the “Client script” box you will find in the gearwheel button of the page containing the grid.

      .grid-question-table.table > thead > tr > th, .grid-question-table.table > tbody > tr > td{
        width: 0.5%;
        min-width: 5px;
      .grid-question-table.table > thead > tr > th:first-child, .grid-question-table.table > tbody > tr > td:first-child{


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